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What is an Eagle Transmission Franchise?

One of the nation’s most exciting transmission and auto repair specialty brands based in the state of Texas with an outstanding future for those ready to pursue their business dreams.

The Eagle Transmission and Auto Repair franchise has easily been a chosen referral for our customers of over 3 decades in the state of Texas. It continues to build a bright future with its professional standard of excellence for this industry. As one of the pioneers in the transmission industry, we know all the ins and outs of how to build an exciting and profitable future with us.

Eagle Transmission has 26 auto shops: 5 in the Austin area, 4 in the Houston area, and 17 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We are ready to grow the Eagle Transmission franchise with opportunities that are extending to others states! We have recently begun with our first home franchise in Colorado in the Denver/Parker area.

There has never been a better time to invest in your very own Eagle Transmission franchise than now!

According to the IBIS World report based in Detroit, the automobile transmission industry in the US is a growing steady market. Because of its steady growth, the need of true professional transmission specialists are at a high. When you buy into an Eagle Transmission and Auto Repair franchise, you have bought into a specialty business that causes you to be in great demand. “Demand and Supply” The electronic and technological content of vehicles today, their transmissions and power train assemblies, are growing in the steady regulatory standard for automobile’s safety. You can count on Eagle Transmission to be on the cutting edge of this industries’ complex knowledge.

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    What does it cost to open and Eagle Transmission franchise?

    The estimate for your investment with an Eagle Transmission franchise starts at $150,000 and up. Eagle Transmission has over 3 decades of a proven business model. It is an affordable entrepreneurial business on the cutting edge of the transmission industry.

    Business Type: Franchise

    Franchise Fee: 6{50a38c7856f8d804c3227e599b1c252fe184dc41c2e7fb4ef54635ed3f46ba4c}

    Minimum Liquid Capital: $50,000

    Net Worth Needed: Varies ($250,000)

    Financing Assistance: In some cases

    Training and Support: Yes

    Total Investment ranges: $229,000 to 492,500

    Why is NOW the time to invest in your own Eagle Transmission Franchise?
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    What Our Franchisees Have to Say

    “I didn’t have any experience in the transmission business. I have a business background and I figured that if you hired a good manager, you had a fair shot at making it. They helped me find a good manager – but you just can’t be a passive owner. I would recommend them. The support is excellent.It doesn’t get any better than
    Eagle Transmission.”

    Marty Schultz
    Eagle Transmission Franchise Owner

    “I saw the opportunity to be my own boss, the potential to better my lifestyle through higher income and to develop assets from business ownership. I’ve owned my shop since 1993 and now we’re thinking about expanding to a second one. When I started with Eagle, I wasn’t mechanically inclined. I would absolutely recommend
    Eagle Transmission.”

    Mike Lebherz
    Eagle Transmission Franchise Owner

    “I came to Eagle Transmission as an experienced shop manager with the intent of managing the shop to the best of my ability. In 2018 the owner of my shop decided to retire, and I jumped at the opportunity to buy him out. Owning an Eagle Transmission has been a rewarding experience. I highly recommend Eagle Transmission as a great way to succeed in Business and in Life.”

    E. G. Ling
    Eagle Transmission Franchise Owner

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    Want to learn more about opening your own Eagle Transmission franchise? Fill out this form to get started.